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Inspection and Reporting Services

Electricity overhead lines cover the length and breadth of the UK providing essential power to both industry and the public. The reliability of a distribution overhead line network varies in relation to its design, environment and age. Much of the rural distribution (11kV and 33kV) network is now in excess of fifty years old and the components are nearing the end of their useful life due to natural degradation and wear.

It is a Statutory Obligation that all network owners and operators maintain these networks, providing electricity in a reliable and safe manner. To assist in achieving this it is necessary to inspect and identify potential defects or changes to the environment that may compromise these factors.

Exact Projects has significant experience in conducting overhead line inspections at all distribution and transmission operating voltages. We have developed and adopted inspections protocols which provide accurate and reliable information to assist network owners and operators in policing their overhead lines and identifying the condition and reliability in a cost effective manner.

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