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Jetties & Quays


jettiesetcStructural Testing of Jetties, Docks & Wharves. Integrity Testing Pty Australia in conjunction with Exact Projects Ltd UK. Integrity Testing Pty, Australia, have been assessing and reappraising Jetties and Docks throughout Australia and the southern hemisphere for many years.

In 2012 BAE Australia invited them to assess the Nelson Pier at Williamstown Victoia in advance of the arrival of the latest and heaviest of the Australian
Navy’s fleet. Following this success BA UK invited Integrity Testing to assess the ability of their 80year old Portsmouth facility to handle the new QE class Carrier, (twice the size of vessels previously handled at Portsmouth). Integrity Testing with Exact Projects, their UK partner, completed the whole process within six weeks under very adverse weather conditions during the gales of Feb’ and Mar’ 2014. Integrity testing provided the data analysis and reporting, with Exact Projects providing health and safety, technical and logistical support. The results and report identified an opportunity for BAE to dramatialy increase the SWLs, horizontal and vertical, from 50 to 1000 T for each of the three jetties assessed enabling berthing loads and all associated carnage and handling equipment to be substantially uplifted. To verify such a dramatic increase Bae required physical samples of Decks and Piles be independently assessed by Lloyds, resulting in only a 5% variance between Integrity Testing’s calculated findings and the actual strength values. Integrity testing’s unique, non destructive testing is of particular value for older structures which have frequently been considerably downgraded over time due to cosmetic, rather than structural defects.

Case Study 1 –  Jetties 2015/6 – Uk client

A Uk client  had concerns regarding the capacity of  their 80 year old suspended deck jetty.

Visual inspections over the decades had down rated the structure to the extent they were planning a

£200M investment to replace piles and deck sections.

Integrity Testing and Exact Projects evaluated the structure, clearly establishing the  capacity was far in excess of the visually assessed, downrated loadings and  close to it’s original designed strength , negating the need for expensive and disruptive repairs allowing much larger vessels to be handled.

Exact Projects Ltd UK have partnered Integrity Testing Pty of Australia


Ian Titterton Operations Manager, Exact Projects UK, Mob: 07931 645 094

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