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overhead linesExact Projects provide various activities and services associated with inspection, testing, repair and maintenance of overhead lines some of which are detailed in more detail in the tabs provided such as:

  • Transformer Earth Testing
  • Condition Assessment
  • Transmission Tower Inspections

Exact Projects has also significant experience in other overhead line related activities such as:

  • Signing & Guarding
  • Vegetation Clearance – up to 3m on pole which allows for critical pole testing at ground line
  • Accurate Conductor Clearance to Ground & Building Measurements to industry Standards
  • Steel Pole Testing

Exact Projects continues to assist our customers by providing innovative, efficient, reliable and cost effective services. Should you wish to discuss a particular problem or issue associated with overhead lines then please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

All of the services provided by Exact Projects are executed by appropriately trained and authorised Technicians/Inspectors.

Adopting Exact Projects PASS process will provide overhead line owners and operators with a safer and more reliable wood pole network

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