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Pole Nailing, Reinforcement & Repairs
MultiTube & MultiSplint

pole-reinforcementRepair and Reinforcement systems are designed to restore bending strength to the damaged or decayed areas of wood poles thereby reducing costly unplanned pole replacement.

Our reinforcement and repair systems:

  • Provide stability across the decayed or damaged area and re-establishes the original residual strength of the pole
  • Are cost effective options for strategically high value or complex assets such as EHV (Extra High Voltage) ‘H’ pole structures with only one leg damaged/decayed
  • Are a potential solution to pole changes with access (landowner/wayleave) issues – our installation procedures do not require heavy vehicle access
  • Are installed without the need for line outages

The MultiTube reinforcement system is installed with approximately half its length into the ground immediately adjacent to the pole surface to provide a fixed bridge extending across the decayed/damaged area. The section is fixed to sound timber above the ground-line by bolts or straps, and adherence to the sound pole surface below the ground-line is assured by soil pressure.

The product is designed for a minimum service life of 30 years or longer, and has been very widely tested and utilised in the UK. The robustness of the system is such that the entire ground-line cross-section of a reinforced pole may be removed without pole failure. The reinforcement systems are recyclable and their use incurs no hidden environmental or ‘special waste’ costs to the client.

A more recent development is the MultiSplint repair which is a lighter and shorter design specifically used for damage or decayed areas above the ground line area such as Wood Pecker damage.

The specialised PASS (Pole Analysis and Structural Security) process offered by Exact Projects will automatically recommend suitable failed poles for MultiTube or MultiSplint reinforcement to provide the client with an option other than replacement.

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