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Overview of Structural Assessment

structural assessment


Structural assessment of Marine and Civil structures from Exact Projects Ltd UK have partnered Integrity Testing Pty of Australia who are specialist structural engineers that have developed unique, bespoke software for the non-destructive structural assessment of Marine and Civil structures.

Until recently their main area of activity has been in the southern hemisphere, particularly Australia where they have carried out many assessments on behalf of port operators, property developers and construction companies.Following their success  with BAE Systems Australia on behalf of the Australian Navy Integrity Testing were  asked by BAE Portsmouth UK to assess the ability of their 80 year-old facility to handle the new QE class aircraft carrier (twice the size of vessels previously handled at Portsmouth).

To facilitate this Integrity Testing invited Exact Projects to provide logistics, health and safety assessments, and data collection allowing Integrity to carry out the reporting and recommendations. The success of this relationship resulted in Integrity being able to completely reassure BAE. of their ability to safely handle these very much larger vessels, and additionally identified a dramatic increase in the safe working loads of the deck structures from 50 to 1000T for each of the jetties assessed, enabling crainage and handling equipment to be considerably uplifted creating substantial commercial and operational benefits.

Because of these dramatic increases BAE required physical samples of the decks and piles to be independently assessed by Lloyds of London. This was done with the measured results showing only a 5% variance with Integrity Testing’s calculated results.

The resounding success of this alliance has resulted in Integrity Testing asking Exact Projects to roll out their services throughout the whole of the northern hemisphere.

Integrity Testing’s service is of particular value for older structures which have frequently been considerably downgraded over many decades due to visible defects rather than structural defects enabling Integrity Testing to return these assets to virtually their original designed loadings,

In addition older structures were often considerably over  engineered  enabling Integrity to identify hidden un used and available capability through the use of their non-destructive seismic assessment process, in particular Marine facilities, Jetties and wharfs, and the foundations of high-rise buildings allowing many additional stories to be  added to the original structure.

Exact Projects Ltd UK have partnered Integrity Testing Pty of Australia


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