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Integrity has successfully deployed the system for testing Rock Bolts in UAE on the Sharjah-Khor Fakkan Road. The AED 6-billion project, which includes five tunnels, restored historic forts and landmarks. The project will have a far-reaching impact on the coastal town, known as The Bride of the Eastern Coast. The tunnels some 16km of duel carriageway is part of the new the 89-kilometre road that runs from the Emirates Road in Sharjah to Wadi Shi in Khor Fakkan. The modern road network marks a new phase in the development of the infrastructure and tourist facilities in the East Coast city.
Over 20,000 rock bolts were tested and certified by our Mod-Shock® Bolt variation of Mod-Shock®


Inspection of tunnels

Initial inspection, visual inspection to identify any cracking, water leaks and misalignment of tunnel.
If available and possible carry out laser measurements of the tunnel.
Make a program of what will be required to determine, the serviceability and if necessary any repairs that may be required

Methodology of tunnel testing.

The basis of the testing is to determine the strength and serviceability of the tunnel lining.
To determine if there are any voids or weak rock planes behind the tunnel lining.
To determine if water pressure is building up behind the tunnel lining, which could cause a break out of the tunnel wall and lining.

Mod-Shock® Seismic Testing

The tunnel is tested at possibly 5 to 10 meter intervals along the length of the tunnel, possibly closer if visual defects are present. At each 5 to 10 meter interval the tunnel is tested at a minimum of 5 locations.
The data is obtained by placing the transducer on the lining and then striking the lining with a small hammer, in the same direction as the transducer. The resultant reflected seismic wave is then transferred via a cable to a Notebook computer for later analysis


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